Different types of tables for your garden

Gardens are magical places, where we can enjoy clean air, peace, and all the stunning  mother nature offers to us, no matter if they are totally provided by nature or if they are made by man, the feeling is indescribable, and we could spend all day lost between trees and flowers with no regrets.

Spending time in a garden, garden furniture

There are many kinds of gardens, we can find the huge and impressive gardens famous around the whole world or the small and cozy garden in our backyard, no matter the size or style we love to spend a lot of time in them.


Spending time in a garden is beautiful for that reason they are prepared for people being there, we love to make picnics and take snacks in gardens, it is so wonderful take a cup of tea or coffee enjoying the view and breathing the peace feeling how that peaceful atmosphere takes our stress away, or we can play in a sunny day, there are a lot of options.


There are a lot of options for garden furniture and accessories that makes our lives better, we can find bench, tables, kitchens, couches, chairs, garden umbrellas, etc., the options are defined by your needs and taste, you can prepare a light food in a small and cozy kitchen in a corner of your garden and eat it with your family or alone in a nice garden table and chairs, while you see the beauty you have planted.


Garden furniture has certain characteristics, the main is the durability, they are made of weather resistant materials, like teak, plastic, aluminium, bamboo, wicker, etc., it depends of the style you want for your garden, another characteristic is a fresh and light style.

The garden tables, the protagonists in your garden (behind the plants)

A garden table must be carefully selected, it can complete your style or ruin it, it can harmonize with the environment or be totally out of place, but don’t worry there are a lot of options and styles for your perfect garden table.


First, determine the use you’re going to give to your table, how many people will use it at the same time, if you want it for sit and take a cup of tea or if you want it to have dinner or lunch on it.


Once you decided the previous point, which will indicate you the proper size, decide the location, it will be in the middle of your garden?, then you’re going to need an outstanding table that will be give character to your garden, your table will be aside or in a corner?, then it should be cozy.


Select your style, there are romantic ones, modern style, old fashion, vintage, etc., you chose.

The material depends of your need and time available, for example, teak is beautiful and chic, but it must be treated with teak oil periodically to keep it in good conditions. It’s like an old tow truck, it needs some love.



How to Find the perfect countertop to fit your place!

How to add value to my home?

When it comes to choosing the right countertop, you should look beyond what they look like. There are many factors to consider, A countertop should have excellent quality not only will it work as part of the design but it has to adapt to the needs of daily use. Therefore, to look for durability, resistance of the material and cost, in this case, would be the appropriate gesture.

Kitchen countertops are one of the most fundamental pieces of our home.
They serve as table surfaces, cutting surfaces and storage surfaces for various
items. They can also be focal points of the kitchen but their presence in the
bathrooms can not be completely denied either. Although they play a minimal
role, they still act as a base that gives the bathroom its predominant character

Do you want to know how you can choose the perfect countertop for your home?

We show you, here are some simple tips that can help you to find the best option

Resistance before everything! The countertop is a place of work that
has to be sufficiently resistant not only for possible impacts, but also has to
endure other deteriorations like withstand abrasion, heat, strength and be an
easy to clean surface. We must focus on the material that best suits the space
of our home and the use we are going to give it. This decision should be taken
based on your tastes and the functionality. Marble or quartz are a good option,
since they have a great resistance and are very functional. Wood or granite
requires much more delicate maintenance.

The kitchen, bathroom or any other area of ​​our home should be
comfortable as not all colors combine with our countertop and furniture; we
should think what the ideal color to obtain a good appearance is. A very
important factor in choosing this piece correctly is to evaluate what is our
way of life, our needs, to be aware of the damage that countertops can suffer,
for example if we have small children at home, take into account light and

Last, but not least, we must agree on a price and choose the
professionals that provide the best service and know how to advise us to choose
the right option look for professionals in your area to find them. What are you waiting for to choose the perfect countertop?

How to find the right garden furniture for you?

Every room of your house is an extension of yourself, your preferences and style, and as you may know, not every room of our beloved homes counts with a roof or is inside the main structure. Gardens, yards and patios are spaces meant to make us feel calm and in contact with nature without the need to go so far from home in order to get some fresh air.

Gardens are more than grass, flowers and trees. It is our duty to make them more comfortable with the right selection of garden furniture, so follow these steps and get the perfect garden for you.

Get things listed!

The first thing before even thinking about furnishing your outdoors space is to think about the purpose you want to give to it. There is a great amount of purposes that will change greatly the kind of furniture you’ll need, for example, a garden intended to relax and have a good read won’t need the many things an outdoor dining room. As you define what kind of usage you want to give to your garden, you can start thinking about tables, chairs, sofas, fire pits and many more

Let your body decide

Take a good seat on the furniture you’re thinking to buy; they will be the responsible of your garden’s comfort. If it looks good and suits well your garden, but you feel numb after a few minutes sitting on it, then is unworthy buying. The goal is to be cozy in a good looking garden.

Don’t buy headaches

The least we want to do when buying items to our homes is to pick sources of stress, so the best option is to buy furniture easy to take care of and maintain a nice look despite the weather conditions. The best materials for this purpose are teak, cedar and a great amount of metals.

“Is my furniture going to stay outside at every moment?”

Important question you must ask yourself. In order to take good care of your outside furniture, they should be storage while not in use. So think in foldable chairs and tables that won’t occupy much space once the usage is done or in long-lasting materials that will handle outdoor conditions without being damaged.

Be creative!

Being old-fashioned is alright, but sometimes you can express your style the best way possible if you limit yourself to the classic tones of wood, black or white. Spice it up! Choose some awesome color schemes that suit well with your flowers or some outstanding cushions.

Invest in duration

You and your garden deserve beautiful long-lasting furniture which are often more expensive, but this will save you some good money in the years to come, so you won’t have to replace furniture due to damage.

Think about your feet

Every single part of your body deserves to be at peace, so think about an all-terrain comfy rug that adds more style to your garden and suites well with the colors of your cushions.

How to Choose the Right Stone Countertop

It’s obvious that a home has to be one of the most valuable material possessions a person can have. Homes are projections of the personality of their owners, their order care and taste are a fundamental part of interiors and exteriors of them. Nevertheless, no matter how different are owners between them, they have the common desire to make their home as beautiful as possible.


There are easy things to do like choosing a color to paint walls, selecting the favorite flowers and bushes to embellish the gardens or even choosing the type of illumination, but some others that are pretty permanent are more difficult to do, for example,  choosing the right stone countertop. Note that picking a stone countertop is complex and will need you to do some extra research rather than just sticking to a quick guide. But answering these questions might help you with your start.

Am I Ok with countertops that require high maintenance?

Even when every stone countertop, no matter if they’re made from natural stone, engineered or are from other material, will require some sort of maintenance. The level and intensity of this maintenance will depend on the performance you want to reach and the nature of the chosen material.

Do I have access to stone distributors?

If the answer to this question is a “yes”, you need to check out if these distributors allow you to get the correct slabs that will shape your counter. It is important that you inspect the slabs on an exhaustive way in order to avoid any surprise once your counter is installed. Stone samples often are perfect, that doesn’t mean the entire slab from where it was taken will be perfect as well.

How is the environment where my countertop will lay?

The answer needs to include information such as the location of your countertops, being the center of food preparations and cooking exposes your stones to some dangers like oils and food related acids that can stain or damage your countertops that are avoidable if the countertop lays on some space destined to be used as a dining table.

Are there other options?

Not every countertop needs to be made out of stone. There are many more materials that can suit all your needs and provide you a similar or identical look. Among those materials you can find engineered stone, tiles and many other that could even ease the maintenance.

Am I looking for some specific aspect?

Not every type of stone suits the same home. There are stones that go better with rustic and old homes rather than newer ones. This is more of an esthetic related question where you could use some help from your family or roommates in order to please everyone.

Stone countertops are complex and they have a vast amount of pros and cons. It’s important to see the properties of granite, marble, soapstone, limestone or slate as each one of them has might suit your needs the best way possible.


Where to find the most beautiful mosaic tables?

Humans have always tried to express themselves through different kinds of art without exception. If we look to prehistoric times, there are demonstrations that one can perceive through rock art and as civilization evolved, sculptures, paintings, literature and other forms of expression evolved as well. Nevertheless, one of the most underestimated ways of art is mosaics.

Mosaics have played a fundamental role in ornaments and the embellishment of temples and palaces. In the present, it’s difficult to see artisans dedicated to the creation of these masterpieces; mosaics no longer decorate entire walls or façades, but are still appreciated when it comes to have outstanding and fine furniture resistant to outsides. So have a sit and read about the best places to find a beautiful mosaic table that suits your style.


It’s an online department store owned by Verizon Communications that started their operations in February 2007. Here you can find all kinds of outside furniture including mosaic tables. There are the ones made with tiles in Moroccan style that measure 24 inches of diameter, from burgundy and yellow to blue and white it will suit the most creative homeowner at a price of $950.

There are glass mosaic tables that go nice in any environment. Square ones that you can use on your couch while watching TV indoors for just $40 or round ones that adjust to the rest of your modern furniture and conserving that classic touch for just $100.

One of the most beautiful yet simple tables is a rustic coffee table with wooden legs and a gorgeous glass pattern which color scheme will make any coffee time delightful for no more than $660. Keep browsing there and you’ll find ones made with sea shells, nacre and many other precious materials.


Furthur is a furniture store located in the Sunset Boulevard of Los Angeles that counts with online store and an immense amount of tables and consoles ready to ship. Among its most beautiful works there are incredible tile mosaic tables inspired in art masterpieces such as Starry Night and Girasol Amanecer.

You’ll find a lot of diversity in sizes. They go from 30 inches to 40 inches in diameter and count with affordable prices that vary between $320 and $560. Of course, the shipping has a price depending on how big the table is and how delicate as well.


Founded in 2005, Etsy is the best place to find handmade and vintage articles. Here you can purchase a great variety of mosaic tables, from the simplest and smallest tile ones for just $150 to peacock feathered glass ones at $1410 and those with a Byzantine style for almost $1700.

Some of the articles count with free shipping, which is a nice feature for those who want a great product at a great price.

Now you know where to find the last touch that will make your yard or your living room a more beautiful place. Have some fun shopping!